The most simple truth and false carbon fiber discrimination technique in history!

If you have a certain understanding of carbon fiber fabric and carbon fiber fabric, it becomes very simple to tell the real carbon fiber.

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Ask, how to distinguish between true and false, the carbon fiber of good and bad?

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A lot of people know, carbon fiber has a steel 1/4 of the weight of capital, and steel 10 times, of course, it also has the impression of "old old expensive", but in fact, carbon fiber has a cheap, expensive, high quality, also have a poor quality.


Actually, carbon fiber is treated with high temperature, make the "carbon fiber molecular" into "filaments", then "silk" into "cloth", how to prepare carbon fiber silk is an important part of influence its price and rigid, here is not talked in detail, as you can understand it, the carbon fiber cloth, the effects of different preparation methods will have different, and in other words, the preparation of the decorative pattern of the more rare, then prove the more rigid.


Appearance is "diagonal" more of the carbon fiber cloth and resin adhesive and the preparation of the grain with clear administrative levels feeling and the 3 d effect, but the hands touch the surface is smooth, and carbon fiber texture of sticker is not too much administrative levels feels, if any, it also does not have true smooth tactility of carbon fiber. Of course, not all the surface of the carbon fiber product lines, with the cloth of carbon fiber unidirectional carbon fiber parts, there is no grain, may be used in the medical field is more, and we are rare. In addition, carbon fiber products are only black, and people often mistake the colored fiberglass or aramid materials for carbon fiber.

Too "rigid", carbon fiber and aromatic fiber too "soft", if the two kinds of different fiber woven together, the two kinds of fibre blended woven together to make them complementary advantages, also has the characteristics of the "firm in the soft".


Though we come into contact with the carbon fiber product has a lot of, but when it comes to make carbon filaments, its manufacturing plants around the world only a few (a two, it is said that the United States, Taiwan, a Japanese). And modified labels will this a few factories around the world to purchase different density of carbon fiber cloth (most density can be divided into 3 k, 6 k and 12 k, such as "3 k" on behalf of 1 mm carbon fiber cloth containing three thousand silk), or is fit for his style of carbon fiber cloth, go back to rely on their own experience to produce carbon fiber products, such as carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber tail, carbon fiber steering wheel, etc. Parts.



Probably understands carbon fiber cloth, establishment relations after we come back to distinguish true and false of carbon fiber, to distinguish true and false of the first element must be the price, due to the complexity of manufacturing process of carbon fiber, and the material cost is not cheap, so cheap goods is certainly no good, if you buy a cheap carbon fiber products, so, your big chance to buy the majority with stickers and carbon fiber of the lacquer that bake of fake carbon fiber products.


Second, the quality of carbon fiber can be resolved with the naked eye. In simple terms, you need to check some subtle details place or position, due to the modelling of carbon fiber parts is a cloth shop, the resin glue, vacuum treatment, high temperature baking process, therefore, any one step is likely to affect the carbon fiber pattern stereo feeling, want to be perfect, it is to take an examination of the master manual ability, especially the details of the corner part of the carbon fiber, its transition way can well express the degree of carbon fiber texture clear and smooth.


In addition, some brands are "guessed right" that you don't know much about carbon fiber products, and they often add PU materials to their intersections to increase the thickness of carbon fiber. Discern the simplest method is to observe the bottom of the carbon fiber, if not at the bottom of the carbon fiber, it is not a "100%" of the carbon fiber parts, because of the carbon fiber must be dark gray, it must be fake if you see other colors, of course, for routine products, deep can "knuckles bullet" approach to identify products of carbon fiber, both the voice of the knock out is not the same.


After all, you bought it at a high price. After all, the cost price of fiberglass and carbon fiber is huge, unless it's priced in a reasonable range.