The effect of molding temperature on carbon fiber products

Carbon fiber molding temperature is refers to the carbon fiber material in molding, according to the technological requirements need to mold temperature, melt and flow of the carbon fiber material and crosslinking reaction rate of the resin has a decisive influence, directly determine the quality of the carbon fiber products.


Carbon fiber molding process temperature control is also the most important link, in general, within certain limits of temperature, mold temperature, material has better liquidity, crosslinking curing speed increase, can improve the efficiency of production. But carbon fiber molding, the mold temperature is too high, can make the material of the crosslinking reaction early and fast curing rate, cause mould cavity material have different inner and outer layer curing, the surface material hardening first, and the inner curing, the crosslinking reaction of low molecular material hard to volatilize, will appear to make carbon fiber products happen swelling, cracking and buckling deformation.

When the inner layer of carbon fiber material is solidified, the surface may be overheated, causing the decomposition of resin and organic filler, which will reduce the mechanical properties of carbon fiber products. Moulding temperature too low, liquidity is poor, material curing speed, crosslinking reaction is not fully, will lead to the low strength of products, lacklustre, due to the low temperature curing incomplete surface withstand the internal pressure, low content of volatile molecules produce carbon fiber products surface will be swollen.

For carbon fiber products with complex shape, thin wall and deep depth, they are not suitable for high temperature molding. Before molding, the material should be preheated. In this way, the temperature of the inner and outer layers is more uniform and the flow is good. The mold temperature can be improved appropriately.

In order to control the mold temperature, carbon fiber model temperature is often used in the carbon fiber molding. What are the characteristics of the carbon fiber mould?


The process flow of CFRP is mainly the four steps of preheating - feeding and solidification - curing - deforming, and the production of carbon fiber products is sanded and processed into finished products.

Carbon fiber molding process need to heating, the use of carbon fiber mould preheating mold temperature machine, then presoak cloth and resin in, continue to heat up after clamping, stay full curing reaction, the mixture after reaching maximum moulding temperature for a period of time of heat preservation, this phase is the key to the carbon fiber molding, temperature must be controlled accurately.

In order to prevent the shrinkage of the material after forming, it is necessary to use the cooling system of carbon fiber to cool the mould

The whole process is higher on the requirement of the carbon fiber mold temperature machine, so the carbon fiber mold temperature machine is more than just heating, also need cooling functions, general carbon fiber mould machine for the oil type mold temperature machine, the highest temperature 300 ℃, USES the PLC computer control, touch screen operation, simple and convenient.