The advantages of the application of carbon fiber composite materials in uav shell are highlighted

Since the advent of uav, reducing weight has become the focus of the research work of uav. In safe use cases that uavs, only will come down the body structural weight, can save more space to increase the quality of the fuel and payload, longer distances and battery life.


As carbon fibre composites are widely used in large military and civilian aircraft, they are also considered to be the best material choices for solving weight problems. Compared with the traditional metal materials and composite materials, carbon fiber composite materials have specific strength and specific stiffness, small thermal expansion coefficient, high fatigue resistance and strong ability of anti vibration characteristics, it is applied to uav structure can lose weight by 25% ~ 30%. Resin matrix composites have many advantages such as light weight, complex structure or large structure and large design space. The application of uav structure can greatly improve and improve the comprehensive performance of uav. At present, all countries in the world on the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), which is mainly composed of carbon fiber composite materials greatly use advanced composite materials, the application of carbon fiber composite material to the structure of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is an, miniaturization and high performance-based has played a vital role.

By unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) don't need to be considered in structure design of physical ability limit, can be more focus on the mobility of the uav is designed, make it on the material selection has some new characteristics different from that of the manned aircraft. Plus unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is often used to perform aerial reconnaissance, surveillance, communications, anti-submarine, electronic jamming and other special tasks, also makes the carbon fiber composite material reflects its application advantages in multiple ways.


1. Greater than strength and stiffness

Compared to other materials, in meet the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) under the premise of the same body strength and stiffness, specific strength and specific stiffness features of carbon fibre composite material can greatly reduce the uav fuselage quality and reduce the load cost of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), the structure of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is an, miniaturization and high performance-based is significant to ensure that the distance and time of flight of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) have a long flight.

2. Integrable integration takes shape

The uav often has the aerodynamic shape of flying wing with high wing fusion, and it needs to adopt large area integrated molding technology in the structure. And carbon fiber composite material, after the simulation and the simulation calculation can not only through moulding, autoclave curing molding process for extensive integrated molding, can introduce automated assembly line production process, improve efficiency, reduce manufacturing cost, very suitable for large-scale manufacturing uav fuselage structure.

3. Good corrosion resistance and good heat resistance

Carbon fiber composite material has excellent corrosion resistance and heat resistance, that can tolerate the nature of water and a variety of medium corrosion and the influence of thermal expansion, and can meet the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) under various environmental conditions and the special requirements of long storage life, reduce the maintenance of life cycle cost.

4. Implantable chips or alloy conductors

Carbon fiber composite materials can also be implanted chip alloy conductor, forming an intelligent structure as a whole, can be long-term use in harsh environment, and won't destroy implant equipment performance, reliable to perform specific tasks.